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From Wild Child to Devoted Dad—Comedian’s Memoir ‘The Trans Am Diaries’ is Funny and Uplifting

Author Stevie D. shares stories of rocky road to Hollywood and surviving cancer

(LOS ANGELES, Calif.) - In his new book “The Trans Am Diaries: A Hillbilly’s Road Trip from Stand Up Comedy to Cancer…and Back Again” (Headline Books), author Steven Dupin is brutally honest about the choices he made in life, as well as mistakes made by others that nearly cost him his life. More

America’s Got Talent Winner
Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Memoir Released in November

In the summer of 2011, more than 14 million viewers each week watched with awe as a gifted vocalist from the coalfields of West Virginia rose to the top spot on NBC TV’s “America’s Got Talent.” Soon, they will be able to read the amazing story behind Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.’s journey from washing cars to Hollywood stars.

Co-authored by award-winning author, Rick Robinson, Landau Murphy's story will inspire every reader to reach for their own American Dream.

“I’m so happy that a publisher from my home state of West Virginia will help me to tell my story, my way. I am definitely no saint, and I’m going to put it all out there in this book in hopes that it inspires readers to dream big, and never give up,” said Murphy who won a million dollars and a headlining spot at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas as the top vote getter on “America’s Got Talent.” His debut CD on Columbia Records “That’s Life” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Jazz charts and Landau’s tour has sold out all over America.

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Leading Financial Strategist Michael K. Farr Authors New Book, Restoring Our American Dream: The Best Investment

Book Calls for a Return to Hope as a Road Map for the Future of the American Economy

WASHINGTON/September 17, 2012 – Hope is on the way. In the midst of budget abominations and election year chaos, Michael K. Farr’s new book will be released by Headline Books, Inc. in early 2013 entitled Restoring Our American Dream: The Best Investment. The book will encourage readers to overcome their mistrust in U.S. economic, political, and social institutions to rebuild hope in the future of America.

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by Mark Nielsen

Murder, mayhem and mystery is a good description of Hotlanta! New author Mark Nielsen pens a page turning novel that will keep you up at night.

When Frank Sullivan agreed to have dinner that night with one of his editor’s friends, he had no idea it would end in murder. While waiting at the hotel bar, a woman who could have been Nina Selden’s double walks in and sits down beside him. Interviewing this famous sculptor had been his first assignment with the Atlanta Tribune, but he is surprised when she recognizes him and remembers vivid details of that interview—surprised because Nina Selden was killed fourteen years ago. She says she would love to chat, but she is already late for a seminar down the hall.

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